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Our Project Retail Process

Sales and Planning

Other things we will want to discuss at our showroom visit may include:  
  • Are you working with a contractor who will be installing for you? Who will be making all the final decisions / payments?
  • Are you going to be doing all the installation yourself?
  • Are you the contractor who will be making all the decisions for yourself or for your client?
  • The reasons and or purposes for considering your remodeling project
  • Your desired timeframe, including start and completion dates
  • The project and product style, and/or design you are looking for
  • Important things we need to know about you and your family
  • What you have set aside as a budget for your project or what you should expect the budget range to be
  • How and when you plan to make project related decisions
If you decide to work with the team at SRB we will enter into a preliminary design agreement based on the information shared at your initial showroom meeting using your or your builder’s measurements.

(Click here to see a sample of how to collect the measurements we will need to assist you)

For this preliminary design agreement we charge a nonrefundable, prepaid fee of $175.00. Please note that SRB does not release any drawings, plans, or perspectives until we have a signed product selection contract.

To help both of us with the design and selection of your kitchen or bathroom products you will also need to gather for us detailed appliance and/or fixture specifications related to your project. This will help you further identify a preliminary but realistic cost budget for your project’s materials.

If the preliminary design and associated product budget meet your satisfaction the next step will be to schedule a measurement review at your home to confirm the design and product list which is included in the initial preliminary design agreement fee.

At this time we will come out and review the design layout that was initially put together using your or your builder’s measurements. SRB requires both the homeowner and the installer/builder to be present for this meeting. We will gather any information needed and then make any necessary changes to the initial design back at our showroom. After the measurement review visit we will be able to provide you with firm product pricing.
After the Measurement Review Visit we will schedule with you a return visit to the showroom to review any changes made to the layout based on the Measurement Review, and review all final product selections.

Before ordering anything we will prepare for you a Product Selection Contract outlining all finalized selections and product specifications. At this time we will also ask for a 50% deposit to confirm your acceptance and begin the ordering process.
Once all estimated delivery dates for products ordered have been confirmed, we will schedule a tentative delivery date with you or your builder. This will be confirmed once SRB has received your products in good condition.

Final payment for all products will be required prior to delivery. However, payment in full will be required for any merchandise asked to be held in the SRB warehouse until your project is ready for delivery.
We understand that our future relies on your satisfaction and we hope to earn the right to be referred by you to others we can help.

We trust that you will be happy with the end results and if so will tell friends, family, and neighbors how great it was to work with us!

Log onto our website and share a testimonial, or share a picture on our Facebook page and spread the word – we will greatly appreciate it!

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