Kitchen and Bath Remodel Services

Our Full Remodel Process

SRB Signature Kitchens and Baths is a full-service, one-stop shopping design center.  We have over 25+ years’ experience in this industry.  We have general contractors on staff and all of our subcontractors are fully licensed and insured.

Sales and Planning

Other things we will want to discuss at our Showroom visit may include:  
  • What you expect of your contractor, including quality of workmanship as well as experience
  • The reasons and or purposes for considering your remodeling project
  • Your desired timeframe, including start and completion dates
  • The project and product style and/or design you are looking for
  • Important things we need to know about you and your family
  • What you have set aside as a budget for your project, or
  • What you should expect the budget range to be
  • How and when you plan to make project related decisions
At the showroom visit we will both decide if it makes sense to continue working together. If it does, we will introduce to you and offer you our In-House Consultation Visit as the next step.  If at that time you are unsure or not ready to proceed, we hope you will feel comfortable to check back with us should things change.
If you choose to go forward with our In-House Consultation, our next meeting and discussion will be at your home.  The fee for this service is $175.00 and is not refundable.   At this time we will see and discuss your project further.  This visit will also help both of us identify related project details to consider such as required electrical work, plumbing, or any structural changes.  We will also take pictures, measurements, and identify any unique considerations to keep in mind when working on your design back at our showroom.   As part of this step we will schedule a follow up appointment at the showroom with you to go over the proposed design layouts we have created, as well as our Preliminary Opinion of Cost Package.   The Preliminary Opinion of Cost Package will include a budget estimate based on your project’s preliminary scope of work, as well as any project or product upgrades you may have expressed a desire to consider.   Things that are included in the Preliminary Opinion of Cost Package may include:
  • A project budget with pricing based on past similar projects completed by SRB.
  • Preliminary design layout
  • Pictures of product selections
After review and discussion about your project’s preliminary design and budget, your next step will be to decide if you want to proceed further with your project and SRB.   If you would like to move forward the next step would be for you to accept our Project Design/Build Agreement and Process.
After review of the Preliminary Opinion of Cost Package, assuming you want to continue working with SRB, you have the option to enter into a Project Design/Build Agreement.   After accepting our design agreement and process one of our design team members will continue working to put together a final design and assist you with product selections.   Things included in the Project Design/ Build Agreement and process:
  • Finalized design layout of your project
  • Schedule subs to go out to project for accurate cost estimates as needed
  • Assist you with final product selections using the SRB Showroom and SRB approved vendors
  • Updated Material Order Confirmation form
  • Updated Product Selections Pictures
  • MA Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) compliant contract including scope of work, materials to be used, total price, progress payment schedule and project schedule
There is a nominal fee for our Design/Build process.  The fee will be based on the size and complexity of your project as well as its design requirements.  We will be able to quote you a fixed fee on completion of the In-Home Consultation process.  The fee paid will be applied in full to the final total project price should you commit to SRB to complete your project and by signing our MA HIC contract.   Clients may receive a copy of the designs, specifications and other drawings generated only after execution of our MA HIC contract.   Upon acceptance of the contract we can then start the confirming of and ordering of your products, and put your project, as well as the resources required to complete it, into our master production schedule.


At SRB we have a defined and organized process for completing the renovations at your home.  As part of this process there will be several meetings you will be required to attend and participate in.  These will be scheduled in advance so all parties will be involved and can remain informed throughout the process.

Production Process

Prior to physically starting your project at your home we will get together at your home so you can meet the Lead Carpenter that will manage and be in charge of your project. A primary purpose of this meeting will be to help you feel confident in your Lead Carpenter’s understanding of and abilities to manage your remodeling project. At this meeting your Lead Carpenter will review the scope of work as well as other important details including:
  • Our typical working hours
  • Dumpster and equipment locations
  • Product staging areas
  • Parking locations
  • The project schedule
  • Any concerns you or our Lead Carpenter may have as we enter into this phase of the project together
This is where all the hard work of planning and working together will pay off! Our project management team will begin your project working closely with your SRB designer, as well as our team of fully licensed and insured construction professionals with whom we have long-standing relationships. Your Lead Carpenter will keep you informed of when we will be there and keep you up to date with the progress of your project.
At SRB we don’t believe in punch lists. Instead, we use a Pre-completion Quality Control Checklist and Process. As we get near the end of your project your Lead Carpenter will schedule and do a project walk-through together with you to identify, list, and make sure everything will be done to your satisfaction before our team of professionals and their tools leave your project. At this time your Lead Carpenter may review any final payments due. We will also make sure to get any required final building inspections.

On completion of the Pre-completion Quality Control Checklist items your project will be considered substantially complete, your project warrantee will begin, and final payment will become due.

 Post Production

We understand that our future relies on your satisfaction and we hope to earn the right to be referred by you to others we can help. Don’t be surprised if your Lead Carpenter or SRB Designer checks in with you to be sure we are earning that right!

We trust that you will be happy with the end results and if so will tell friends, family, and neighbors how great it was to work with us!

Log onto our website and share a testimonial, or share a picture on our Facebook page and spread the word – we will greatly appreciate it!

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