TOTO Plumbing

As We Have Been, We Will Always Be

“Providing a healthy and civilized way of life”—This was our founder’s vision. It is passed on to each of our employees without fail as the “TOTO Group Corporate Philosophy.” This vision has lasted over a century, and it serves as the center of the TOTO Group’s management and the touchstone for our design and production craftsmanship and sales activities.

We will work to ensure this vision is passed on to future generations by delivering safe and reliable TOTO-brand products and services to customers worldwide. In doing so, we will “create an enriched and more comfortable lifestyle and culture built on our plumbing products.” This enduring tenant is a key facet of the “TOTO Group Corporate Philosophy.”
Keep Gaining TOTO Fans around the World

TOTO’s first president, Kazuchika Okura, wrote a letter to his successor, Saburo Momoki. The words contained in that letter have been treasured by the TOTO Group ever since as the “Words of Our Founder.” These words express the idea that “kindness must always come first” and state that our goal should be to provide good products and satisfy the customer and, by accomplishing that, profit and compensation will follow. The “Words of Our Founder” are positioned at the center of the TOTO Group’s management and represent our enduring vision. My duty is to ensure that this vision, cherished by each president before me, is passed down to the next generation.
We have found ourselves in a period of dramatic change and uncertainty in recent years, which has included the COVID-19 pandemic, frequent natural disasters, changes to the international situation, and the progression of digital technologies. Under these circumstances, we are faced with the fundamental question of “what is the purpose of TOTO Group’s existence as a company?” As the TOTO Group heads into the future, the answer to how we will be useful to people and society comes back to the “Words of Our Founder.” Our purpose is to create enriched and comfortable lifestyles for customers worldwide. The world is constantly changing. And, if amid this change, we ever find ourselves unsure about something, the “Words of Our Founder” and our “Corporate Philosophy” lay out everything we need to continue to value as we go forward.

The “Company Mottos,” the TOTO Group’s “Corporate Philosophy,” and our “Charter of Corporate Behavior” represent our inherited values. In other words, they are TOTO’s “heart,” which is shared among all our employees and will be carried into the future. TOTO’s “heart” remains unchanged. However, the way our “body” (business activities) moves will adapt to changes in the business environment. The TOTO Group’s strength lies in the fact that our “heart” remains firmly rooted as the precondition of each employee’s actions.
Starting in fiscal 2021, we launched our “New Shared Value Creation Strategy: TOTO WILL2030” (hereinafter, “WILL2030”), which clarifies the lifestyle, society, and environment we want to achieve from a long-term perspective.
In addition to the important material issues of “Cleanliness and Comfort,” “Environment,” and “Relationships,” we are working to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility into TOTO’s management. TOTO aims to create an enriched and comfortable future society that has no impact on the global environment as we achieve economic growth. As a result of our efforts, we will contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through WILL2030.

We conduct our business activities under the long-cultivated TOTO brand, which has redefined the concept that “good people make good products.” The TOTO Group’s approximately 34,000 employees conduct themselves properly. They wholeheartedly work for the benefit of our customers and society to create something different from mere industrial goods. When we communicate this to our customers through our products and services, I believe that the TOTO brand will shine even brighter. I am confident that as we continue to further refine the TOTO brand, we will keep gaining TOTO fans around the world.

New Shared Value Creation Strategy TOTO WILL2030
The TOTO Group formulated its “New Shared Value Creation Strategy: TOTO WILL2030” with a focus on helping achieve a carbon-neutral and sustainable society by 2050. TOTO aims to help realize a sustainable society and help achieve clean, comfortable, and healthy lifestyles by 2030.

With the important material issues of Cleanliness and Comfort, Environment, and Relationships, we are working to integrate TOTO’s “Global Environmental Vision” into our management. TOTO aims to help create an enriched and comfortable future society that does not negatively impact the global environment to achieve economic growth. As a result of these efforts, TOTO will contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through WILL2030.