Design Overview

A beautiful, as well as, functional kitchen requires creativity, expertise, and experience- but true success is achieved when it suits the family using it. For us to reach that goal, we feel you’re best served if we explore multiple design options and work together- until we arrive at the best plan for you. Your final plan may be a result of a combination of plans- but we believe this is the path to achieve the kitchen of your dreams.
We offer a process that is- simple, stress-free, and enjoyable. Our initial consultation can begin one of two ways; either here in our showroom or in your home. There is no charge for us to meet here in our showroom and while you’re here, we will gather information to get your project underway. This will give you a chance to meet us, learn more about our services, and understand how we can assist you. Our showroom is open for you to come in and browse, but if you would like to meet with one of our designers- we recommend contacting us for appt. so we can dedicate time with you. If you would like us to visit your home and provide an in-home consultation, we can do that too. We can provide a home design consult where one of our designers will take measurements, discuss your project with you, and review your design options. Every project is unique-and we try and cater to each of our clients and create a method that works best for their needs and budget. You can contact one of our designers who can review your project with you, and the best way for us to proceed. Once we have a direction and preliminary plan, we will be able to provide you with an estimate based on your personal project scope. We work together until we’ve reached a layout you’re happy with, and upon agreement, we will proceed with a final plans and elevations. These plans will be used to detail specifications for ordering cabinetry and specifying materials/finishes. The final layout also serves as the foundation for all mechanical/construction drawings needed to secure remodeling procedure.
We also extend our services beyond kitchen plans, cabinetry, and countertops. We can assist you according to your specific needs. Our design staff is available to help with tile and/or other material selection, color coordination, lighting details and more. Kitchen Center also offers a “Design Only” service. The design process is a collaboration- we can work with you and all your ideas- then we’ll develop plans and working drawings for your project. We act on your behalf and we’ll become your design advocate.
We will work with your Contractor, Architect, and/or Designer. We’ll help coordinate your project and communicate with your Builder/Remodeler, and whether we install your cabinetry, or your Builder does, we’re always part of your team.
As your design build specialist, we’ll guide you through all your remodeling decisions. Once you’ve made all your selections-we’ll take care of the rest! Our remodeling services include:
  • Electrical
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing
  • Backsplashes
  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Wall moves
  • Read one of our many glowing testimonials.
  • Detailed remodeling proposal
  • Construction schedule
  • Change orders (also known as “Additional Work Authorizations”, or AWAs)
  • Industry-specific education and credentials
  • National Kitchen and Bath Association membership
  • National Association of Remodeling Industry membership
  • Licensed construction supervisors
  • Certified lead-safe remodelers
  • Registered home-improvement contractor
  • Professional, licensed tradesmen:
    • Electricians
    • Plumbers
    • Tile installers
    • Finish carpenters
    • Hardwood installers
  • Project-management services
  • Job-site photos
  • Communication board –– a simple, elegant means to display the design plans and enable you as to make notes to us on them, featuring:
    • Drawing-display board
    • Note board
    • First-aid kit
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Eye-wash station
  • Exterior safety & convenience:
    • Dumpsters are placed on pads, to preserve the integrity of your driveway
    • Dumpsters are covered, to prevent dust and debris from migrating into your living areas
    • Tarps and caution tape are used, to prevent harmful dust and debris from entering your lawn
    • Portable toilet, for our tradesmen
  • Lighting plan, including:
    • General
    • Under cabinet
    • Indirect
    • Decorative
  • Enhanced dust-containment practices
  • HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtered air handler –– to capture airborne lead and asbestos particles
  • Floor protection
  • Solid, hinged dust doors –– not plastic, zippered ones
  • Warranty
At Kitchen Center of Framingham, we know our custom cabinetry. Each year on average, our custom installers handle at least 12 and sometimes more than 20 custom kitchens plus numerous baths, while the typical finish carpenter installs only a couple per year. We perform each and every installation with pride, quality, and the tools and equipment specific to installing custom cabinetry. As a result, our installations are backed by a limited 5-year warranty.



Design Process

Every design at Beckony Kitchens & Baths is based on YOU -- who you are, what you love, and how you live. We start every project with a clean slate; your remodel is a reflection of you, a vision of what you love, not a “cookie-cutter” design for someone else. We interview you in depth, carefully measure your space, take comprehensive photographs and create unique designs that are personally yours while staying true to the highest design standards and guidelines to ensure the best functionality of your designs. Then, Beckony Kitchens & Baths uses the latest technology to help you visualize your designs and refine them to get you exactly what you love.
Once your design is complete, the selection process begins. The challenge is to choose products that maintain a sense of consistency with the design, quality and your individualized style while keeping your budget in view. At Beckony Kitchens & Baths, you can also take advantage of our interior design expertise that will help you with every decision of correlated products and finishes. Our beautiful, up-to-date showroom has most product selection choices on display and we also partner with other showrooms in town to allow you to view all of the other products not seen in our showroom. Our team of design professionals is there for you every step of the way to help you make the right decisions. As part of this stage of the project, all of the tradesmen personally visit the jobsite and prepare honest bids for the necessary trades work based on your home and your design; we do not “blind-bid” or use “ballpark” estimates. There are no surprises.
Every remodel project will include a variety of products, usually available at several price-points, which will enhance and complete your design. At Beckony Kitchens & Baths, our job is to show you the many choices that are available for your project, and then help you to adjust the design and product selections if necessary to maintain your budget. You have the freedom to explore the possibilities and choose what you love most. It is your project, not ours, and you will be fully involved in the process at every step along the way.
After all the choices have been made and the contract is signed, Beckony Kitchens & Baths meticulously orders your products and builds a production schedule for your project and determines a start-date. This schedule is sent to you along with our team; and you’re “on the board.” We keep in contact with you as we near the start date.
Beckony Kitchens & Baths uses only our team of honest, diligent and respectful employees and sub-contractors, hand-selected for their teamwork, technical skills and artisan craftsmanship. Most of these people have been working with Beckony for many years; we know them very well, and they know well our processes and high performance standards — both professional and personal. They will follow the schedule and are dedicated to embodying your “perfect” design with perfect installation. Our experienced superintendent will be with you and your project every step of the way, holding your hand, answering your questions and delighting with you as your vision is brought to life. Everyone on our production team is well aware of the stress that any home remodeling project can cause, and all work to minimize it. Along the way, you will feel their care;and in the end, you will know the joy resulting from all of their effort on your behalf.