What Is A Scope Of Work And Why It Is So Important To Have One?

by | May 13, 2018 | Signature Kitchen & Bath Blog | 0 comments

In a previous blog we shared three reasons why SRB is different than other kitchen and bath contractors in the area.  The main reason, of course, is because of the processes we use to support our Design/Build project delivery system.   As part of that system, working together with you, the SRB team of professionals will assist you in developing what is referred to as a “scope of work” for your kitchen and/or bath remodeling project.  And, because SRB only designs projects our customers intend to have us complete for them, this scope of work goes well beyond just a list of the tasks to be performed and the kitchen and bath products to be included.  When SRB develops a scope of work we are getting your project ready for construction.  Here are three ways a SRB scope of work helps us deliver your project in a successful way, as efficiently as possible and as quickly as practical.

  1. Gets Us Both on the Same Page

If you check out our Full Remodel Process you will see that it’s success relies on both the SRB team of professionals and you the customer working together to design your project and select all the products to be included.   By working with us in this process you gain the benefit of limiting or maybe even eliminating any surprises, product changes, and/or any design changes after the construction of your project begins.  With that kind of confidence in your remodeling contractor you can leave your home for the day confident when you return you will find we are on the right path towards what you expected as an end result.

  1. Helps Us Come to a Fixed Price Agreement

Using our construction teams’ many years of experience, we try our best to help you anticipate and address any possible unforeseen conditions during the design and estimating phases of your remodeling project.  By working this way with you we both come to an agreed fixed price for your project, because we have established and agreed to a fixed scope of the work to be completed.  This is one way SRB can promise you a fixed price for your project.  This promise is of course made assuming you don’t make changes, and, we do not discover a hidden condition neither of us could anticipate.

  1. Helps With Completing Your Project on Time

By developing a full scope of work for remodeling, the SRB production team can better anticipate the work activities that need to be done, and, more importantly the construction resources needing to be scheduled.  In fact, because we are not just designing your project we are getting it ready for construction.  As part of our remodeling estimating process we list the construction activities required to complete your project in critical path order within our computer estimating tool.   Then, using the same order in the estimate, we provide you with a detailed written scope of work that closely follows the way we anticipate completing your project.  As a result the scope of work created helps SRB establish a realistic schedule and timeline for a remodeling project and it helps us keep your project on track.