Under-the-Eaves Baths

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Caitlin Sole for Better Homes & Gardens on designing bathrooms under eaves. Let the professionals at SRB Signature Kitchen & Bath take care of your bathroom design with their 25 plus years of experience.

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Bath Nook

Space under the eaves can be an asset when laying out your bath. Here, the roofline creates a deep nook that’s perfect for a luxurious built-in tub. Trimmed with beaded board, the cozy nook complements the warmth of the room’s decor.

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Hidden Eaves

Slanted ceilings can create perfect spaces for built-in showers. The eaves of this house are less visible because the shower camouflages the slope of the roof. The homeowners turned the low-angled ceiling into an advantage by placing a shower seat there — roomy enough for both the user and of-the-moment supplies.

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Cottage Style

Under-the-eaves baths have the snug feeling often found in cottage-style rooms. White walls and flooring fit that style, too, and not only tie the room together, but also make the space feel larger. This bath’s slanted design provides the ideal space for a wall-mounted mirror with a small chest of drawers beside it.

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Accents and Accessories

Eaves provide natural curves and niches. Make the most of them with fun accessories that flatter your bath’s structure. Wall coverings, window treatments, and lighting add personality to the space. The colors and textures create the ambience you want — from a playful retreat to a lavish spa.

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Spacious Layout

The gentle slope of this ceiling provides a spacious spot for the built-in tub and shower. Aligning these elements together provides plenty of open space for dressing and prepping.

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Create Your Own Shower

Standard-size showers aren’t your only options. Create your own shower — which can be as simple as glass doors, tile walls, and plumbing fixtures — to match the contours of your eaves. The clear glass of this corner shower gives the illusion of more space, whereas an opaque enclosure would have removed part of the room from view, shrinking the space visually.

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Small Bath: View One

Check out this bath from three different angles. Here, built-in cabinetry hugs two walls and serves a dual purpose — valuable storage, and nudging the toilet out from under the eaves, putting it in an easier-to-use location.

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Small Bath: View Two

The vanity fits snugly under the eaves. This slim pedestal sink takes up minimal space, and its simple lines keep the focus on more ornate accessories, like the mirror.

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Small Bath: View Three

The tub is perfectly located — away from the door’s swing and next to prime storage. Together, the tub and alcove window seating create the cozy atmosphere of a restful retreat.

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Cohesive Look

Building a shower under the sloping roofline conceals the eave’s protrusion into the room. It also preserves space for other amenities, such as the tub. Floor tiling in the room and the shower ties the spaces together.

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A Place To Rest

While the architecture of this bath may include a low ceiling, windows enlarge the room visually while providing natural light. The built-in tub’s placement lets bathers take advantage of a pretty view.

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The Bright Side

Light colors keep this room from feeling cramped. The tile, beaded board, and yellow paint accentuate the natural light from the windows while keeping the room spacious and airy.

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White bath: View One

A skylight sheds light on the main task area of the bathroom while taking advantage of the room’s peak. With multiple rooflines intersecting, the homeowners opted for simple designs and a neutral color scheme to keep the space serene. Matching pedestal sinks equip this small bath for two users. A glass shower door allows light from the skylight and vanity fixtures to penetrate the shower.

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White bath: View Two

At the opposite end of this white bath, a vintage-style claw-foot tub accents the cottage feel of the wood floor and antique stand. Placing the tub in the dormer adds to the bath’s charming look.

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Adding Height

Beaded-board paneling brings cottage chic to any decor. The vertical lines of beaded board add a sense of height to the room, despite the eaves’ decline. These homeowners made use of the space under the lower part of the eaves with a chair. Other small items like hampers or storage units would also fit.

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Blue Bath: View One

These eaves create an ideal shower nook. A rain showerhead fixture is a luxurious choice that’s perfect for this shower layout. The small top window adds natural light to brighten the space.

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Blue Bath: View Two

The eaves of this blue bath leave ample room for a comfortable tub. The corner of the niche is a great spot to hang towel hooks.

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Skylight Eaves

Eaves can provide wonderful architectural opportunities. These homeowners opted to open up the room with a skylight. It is a great source of light, and it also divides the room. The double vanities mirror the divide and provide extra prepping spaces for multiple users.