Trend Alert – Butcher Block Countertops

by | May 22, 2020 | Signature Kitchen & Bath Blog | 0 comments

Here’s an article on butcher block kitchens by Coco Cozy.

Here is an interesting…..

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The secret is out: Butcher Block Countertops are the latest kitchen trend. You heard it here first this might just be the biggest trend in 2020. Personally I’m not typically for or against wood countertops – but in these spaces, it works! When you think butcher block wood countertops you probably think about a worn-down home from decades previous. But, these kitchens will completely alter your opinion!

First up is a dark and warm toned kitchen. This space is very charming in a rustic meets modern kind of way. The dark backsplash is a unique choice. It bounces light nicely making sure this kitchen isn’t too dark. Having dark countertops in the back and a wood island is a nice solution from letting wood take over this kitchen. The stainless steel, black, warm brown, and white all work exceptionally well together.

This kitchen is incredibly contemporary and chic. I love the wood countertops, open wood shelves, and the combination of white and gold. The rug is also a nice addition to add some color + pattern to the space. The flooring and backsplash are both a lovely white tile in different shapes. The wood countertops in this space add an interesting detail that is unusual but oh so welcome.

Next up is a kitchen packed with color and a modern twist. The mint green cabinets are an interesting choice and paired with the wood countertops is an artistic indie feeling. I love the color similarity between the wood flooring and countertops. The white tile backsplash is a nice minimalist addition. The addition of a plant is a nice touch. I always believe there should be greenery in a space.

The all-white kitchen takes a ride to a vintage meets modern feel. This countertop is a bit different – it has a white top and a wood edge. This creates a luxe relationship between the two. The light wood shelves look great in contrast to the wood counter as well. I’m in love with the light fixture and vintage fridge in this space.

Next up is a natural and neutral kitchen. These dark wood counters are a beautiful contrast that compliments the shelves. The white brick walls add a nice texture and shape. The addition of plants and wood make this kitchen feel casual and earthy. I love the vintage touch with the toaster. This space is moody meets nature.

Now – meet a kitchen that is country chic. The white wood-paneled walls add a casual feeling. The deep blue cabinets paired with wood countertops are surprisingly chic. Other elements like the kettle, pans, and shelf give this kitchen a country feel. I’m all about this color palette and the pops of warmth in the wood.

This kitchen utilizes a dark accent wall for emphasis and adds contrasting color. The white cabinets, butcher block countertops, and open shelves blend together nicely against the dark blue/black. The hint of black and white tiled floors further explains the relationship between light and dark in this space.

Next up is a modern minimalist kitchen that feels luxe. This all-white kitchen is beautifully highlighted by the blue stove and wood countertops. These hints of color really make this space amazing. The hints of copper also add a nice touch to the space. The contrast between the white tile backdrop vs the butcher block countertop in the foreground creates a stunning relationship between sleek and earthy.

Meet a green filled kitchen that feels abstract and vintage at the same time. The pungent green color works surprisingly well in this space. The deep wood countertops add a lovely warmth + rustic edge to this room. I love the range of kitchen items across the countertops and shelves. Plus the red light in the left corner adds in an interesting shape + color.

This kitchen is very sleek and has a well-rounded range of colors that add a luxe feel. With wood counters on the left and white on the right – this space balances the amount of warmth in this space. And its’ very successful. The dark cabinets + widow trim create the perfect backdrop to the bright whites and warm wood tones. Plus that white and yellow rug adds in a tasteful amount of pattern.

The final kitchen in the butcher block countertop round up has a very Mediterranean feel. The olive green cabinets look beautiful with the warm wood counters and hints of red clay. The added shine of the appliances adds a nice highlight to this space. I’m also a huge fan of the white tile backsplash to keep this space simple.