Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Designs

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Lang’s Kitchen’s on top trends in cabinet designs.

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Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen this year? Being up to date with the latest trends ensures the longevity of your design. Trends in kitchen design ebb and flow, but the core design concepts and color schemes generally last for ten years.

You are in prime position when planning a new kitchen if you start by incorporating current looks and potential future trends in your kitchen remodel. Mixing trends with classic design staples means your kitchen will enhance your home’s style and date exceptionally well. A kitchen remodel that embraces current styles is also excellent for resale, even in a few years’ time. Kitchen cabinets form the basis of your room’s layout and style and can go a long way in helping you achieve a kitchen design that is on trend.

Here is our rundown of what is hot for kitchen cabinet design in 2022.


Minimalist design is all about clean lines. Mid-century modern style is becoming popular again as it features a classic style with clean lines, geometric shapes, organic curves, and warm wood tones with the fine lines of wood grain. Appliances and faucets are more angular and less ornate to fit this design aesthetic. Smart technology is on the rise, and we will see more voice and app-controlled functionality to reduce cords, levers, and switches in kitchen design. Less is definitely more in this year’s latest kitchen looks.


This year sees the appearance of a new color palette overtaking white kitchen designs. Forest greens, teal blue, and anthracite gray are being paired with neutral tones in custom kitchen cabinetry. Although some colors can potentially look dated, these shades are well established in kitchen design and are sure to keep your kitchen looking stylish for years to come. Dark colors and earthy tones can always work as neutrals, so your kitchen style will be on trend but have longevity. Today’s island designs are often saturated with color and paired with neutral perimeter cabinets. This makes for a calm space with a big splash of color. If you want to try a retro look, go for 1950s style hues, which are back in vogue. It harks back to a time when personalization was the thing for design, so 2022 sees a return to candy-colored shades in kitchen cabinets.


Green kitchens are increasing in popularity for kitchen design, particularly in tiles and cabinetry. Some of the most popular shades for bold green kitchens are sage, forest, and emerald. Green can be luxurious and dramatic. Cabinets in strong shades of green work well with marble, beige accents, and brass hardware for a high-end look. This year sees a slight shift from dark green to more muted shades too, to create a feeling of soft airiness in a kitchen design. Green marble is also set to be huge and would work well alongside cabinets in complementary tones of green or neutral shades.


Blue continues to be on trend for kitchen cabinets. Midnight blue is proving to be a popular choice, as it is a strong shade of navy that stands out against light countertops and silver accents. Blue kitchen cabinets have overtaken gray, white, and wood shades as a color that can either work as a neutral or be the center of attention. Lighter blues are also emerging, especially when it comes to retro 1950s styles.


Kitchen storage is essential to having an organized, de-cluttered kitchen design. We need to know where to grab things at a moment’s notice while also keeping them concealed for a sleek aesthetic. There is increasing demand for more space within cabinets paired with customized storage solutions such as deep pot and pan drawers and internal pantries with pull outs.

Streamlined kitchen design is embracing the trend of integrated, paneled appliances with floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall cabinetry. This is ideal for a minimalist kitchen remodel, which should have strong, clean lines and functionality as a priority. Integrated appliances and hidden storage maintain the uninterrupted, smooth aesthetic of the cabinet design. Beverage bars or appliance garages are excellent to consolidate and conceal countertop appliances. Discreet storage for electronics is also very popular, as it hides wires and necessary electronic devices.


Grouping blocks of color together in one space has been a growing trend in kitchen design and now it is emerging in kitchen cabinets.  Combining two cabinet colors can change the look of your kitchen remodel dramatically. Dark cabinet doors juxtapose with brighter shades for depth and interest, for example with dark base cabinets and lighter colored wall cabinets. Another way of color blocking is to make your kitchen island stand out. Black cabinetry on an island and lighter cabinets on the perimeter is sure to bring your kitchen design bang up to date. Try mixing cool and warm tones in woods, metallics, or paints.


The blended look is set to continue, with mixing and matching of colors, textures, and styles to create an eclectic look. There are many ways to achieve this style trend.

  • Choose a shade for cabinets, but a contrasting color on walls, countertops, and backsplashes to enliven a kitchen design.

  • Color is not the only element you can blend. Textures on cabinetry such as wood grains, glossy, or matte finishes can be set against each other for unique results.

  • Smooth curves and sharp angles come together within one kitchen design to create a unique, yet cohesive style that enhances your home and fits your personality.

  • Curating custom details brings interest to a kitchen remodel. Create a trendy vignette by arranging collectibles in a glass fronted cabinet or on open shelving.

  • Choose two different cabinet styles such as frameless upper cabinets and Shaker lower cabinets. If the two styles contrast and you like them both, the result will be stunningly unique.


A big trend this year is the statement island, where you can create a style statement by choosing different color cabinets from the perimeter cabinets in your kitchen remodel. You can also make your island stand out with the use of clever lighting. Try hanging oversized pendant lights or lighting fixtures in a bold, unusual material. Double islands are also increasing in popularity, which means you can have twice the countertop and kitchen cabinet storage space. They can be smaller in size without losing their functionality. Keep their purposes distinct, with one used for dining and one for food prep. Coordinate their cabinetry style and color for a unified look.


Shaker doors with a contemporary black or brass handle is still popular, but slab doors with gold or brass recessed handles are coming to the fore for a sleeker look. This year’s blue or green shades work well with these warm toned metallics. The mixing trend also encourages contrasting materials, so why not consider silver against a dark matte cabinet or dark bronze hardware in a white kitchen design? Whether you blend or contrast, your hardware should be a feature that beautifully accessorizes your kitchen cabinet design.


Clients are seeking to balance function and form and looking for matte surfaces with anti-fingerprint finishes. Taking this simplicity one step further, the minimalist trend means that flat front, handleless cabinets are increasing in popularity. Here, the cabinet door is on its own without any knobs or pulls. The focus remains on the uninterrupted cabinet finish, whether it is a glossy sheen or a deep wood grain.


Woods with deep, linear grains are a top choice for this year’s kitchen cabinet selections. Walnut has a rich, deep color that contributes well to neutral but unique kitchen designs. Try flat front walnut cabinets to let the focus be on the material, rather than the door design. Modern oak kitchen cabinets are different to those of thirty years ago. Dark stained oak is an intense gray shade that is a strong look for modern kitchen remodels. Lighter woods are still popular for a clean, Scandi style. Unstained hardwoods, including natural oak, give an airy, organic feel to any kitchen design that could benefit from the introduction of light.


Streamlined kitchen designs undoubtedly benefit from maximum efficiency and minimal clutter, since you plan your layout to make sure that every inch of your kitchen design is utilized. Here are a few ways to achieve this look with kitchen cabinet choices:

  • Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling flat cabinets along one side of a galley kitchen keep your design streamlined and open up the room.

  • Installing upper cabinets from backsplash to ceiling massively increases storage potential.

  • Appliances can be integrated into cabinetry, either by choosing an appliance finish in the same color or by concealing them behind a custom panel to match your kitchen cabinets.

  • European-style frameless cabinets are also quite popular, where the doors go from edge to edge, hiding the frame behind. They come in traditional, Shaker, or flat panel styles.


Cabinet lighting not only offers essential task lighting, but it also serves to highlight design features or contents of glass front cabinets.  Puck lights or cabinet bar lights added underneath upper kitchen cabinets increase task lighting and create warmth. Lights can also be added under base cabinets or an island for a floating effect. Adding top of cabinet lighting is also trending this year. It is excellent for creating ambience as you can install whatever type or color you like to create an effect that complements your kitchen design. In cabinet lighting helps you find kitchen cabinet contents or turns glass front cabinetry into a decorative display.