Timeless Kitchens And Their Magic Secret

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Here’s another good article by Grace Kelly of Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc.  

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Timeless Kitchens

I have come to realize the common thread in most timeless kitchens and homes is they all exude a natural tranquility. More than a “look,” timeless kitchens have a peaceful, calming effect that can be felt the minute you walk in the room. These kitchens feel as if they are really lived in and enjoyed. Recently I had the privilege of visiting a kitchen we created over 25 years ago in Long Island, NY in a small town on the North Shore. I was completely taken back by how relevant it still felt even after all these years.

What makes a kitchen timeless?

Timeless kitchens tie the past to the present. I have seen timeless kitchens that are luxurious, rural, modern, traditional, and even industrial or eclectic. Inside these rooms are books and objects that reflect the personality of the owners. The color palette is naturally soothing, and these homes are almost always filled with art, pottery, classic cookware, and interesting vessels. Every object seems to tell a story and the rooms are highly functional. You can imagine fabulous meals being prepared in the kitchen with family and friends gathered in the living room.

It is OK to mix Grandma’s antique pots with modern art vases.

Timeless kitchens mix materials and textures by combining metal, wood, ceramic, stone, and glass to create a harmonious atmosphere. Grandma’s antique cast iron pots are mixed with modern art vases to make the space interesting and homey. It is unexpected yet it works. Black and white veined marble is a favorite. It looks dramatic in every room. Countertops might seem like the obvious choice for marble, but you can find beautiful accessories and decor in marble as well. Whatever you create, know that it is fine to experiment.

So, I guess it’s true.  You’re as old as you feel.  Kitchens, too!