Three Reasons SRB Is Different Than Other Kitchen and Bath Contractors.

by | May 11, 2018 | Signature Kitchen & Bath Blog | 0 comments

At SRB Signature Kitchen and Bath we believe a successful remodeling project should not be measured by the end result alone.  It is our belief that the process and path of how we achieve that end goal is just as important.  Important to us as well are the customers who choose to partner with us to transform an outdated kitchen or bath into the space they have been dreaming about and will be proud of.  To consistently accomplish a great end result for our customers, we believe there are three ways our company stands out and is different than most other kitchen remodelers or bathroom contractors.  Individually the three differences might not make us stand out but our difference is possible because we have strategically combined these three separate differences into one system we call our Full Remodel Process.

SRB Difference #1: Processes:

At SRB we have time tested processes for just about everything we do.  By using and sticking to these processes the entire SRB team can work together to help you plan and design a kitchen remodel, choose all of your bath remodeling products with confidence, and then complete your kitchen or bath project on time and on budget.  And, just as we have a process to help you with a full remodeling project, we also have a separate process for helping customers who would like to just buy the kitchen and bath products they need that will be installed by others.

Here’s the thing though – Don’t ask us to deviate from our processes because we know they work so we stick to them.  That way, no matter who you interact with on the SRB team, we know you will get the consistent service and end results our system has been designed to provide, and you deserve.  And, to be part of the team, you will have to commit to and timely follow through on your contributions to the process as well.

SRB Difference #2: Local Full Service Kitchen and Bath Showroom

Unlike other local kitchen and bath showrooms, SRB’s showroom is full service.  What that means to our customers is that in addition to offering a wide variety of products at our Lunenburg kitchen and bathroom showroom, we can also help you with the design a full remodel project or just your cabinetry if that is all you need.  And, because we are both a full service showroom and full service general contractor, we can typically help you select all your products at our showroom and also install them for you.

Our showroom has a vast selection of cabinetry from traditional to contemporary styles, as well as many complementary products including a variety of countertop products.  We also have many bathroom fixtures and bath products on display so you can touch and feel them before they are installed.  If you want the time savings and convenience of local one-stop shopping for your kitchen and bath remodeling needs you won’t find a better place to visit.  Checkout the products and brands we offer here.

SRB Difference #3: We Have the Staff for both Design and Construction

Unlike most local contractors who offer just remodeling services, at SRB we offer both design and remodeling.  However we do not offer them as separate services.  We only offer to design cabinetry and or remodeling projects for those customers who commit to buy from us.  And, because we have both professional kitchen and bath designers and experienced remodeling craftsman on our staff, working together as a team we can help you create practical designs and successfully complete your remodeling project all within an agreed remodeling project budget and a fixed price construction agreement. 

To see and feel the SRB difference yourself we invite you to visit us at our 555 Chase Road, Lunenburg Kitchen and Bath Showroom.