The Importance of Working with a Design-Build Company

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The Importance of Working with a Design-Build Company

You are ready to start a kitchen or bathroom remodel but where do you start? Do you open the phone book, call a contractor, and hope for the best? Do you watch hours of HGTV and get all the information you can handle on do-it-yourself design and general contracting? With years of experience in the Design-Build industry, we will highlight a few of the many reasons to work with a company like ours that can assist you in every aspect of your project from planning to completion.

What is Design-Build? Design-Build is a method of project delivery in which one entity – the Design-Build team – works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. What does this mean to you?

Unlike traditional methods which would entail a customer working with one or multiple professionals to get a design completed, having the project bid on by multiple contractors or companies, and then finally built by the winning bidder, design build companies offer a more streamlined process. This translates into the project owner spending less time in the planning stages. This results in less money spent overall which then could be utilized to enhance the design itself.

This process allows the owner of the project and the Design-Build team to create alliances between the designers and builders which encourages team work as well as increases collaboration. This allows each portion of your team to complete a project faster, on time, and on budget, with very few change orders.

Not only does the Design-Build company promote continuity, it greatly diminishes the possibility of details falling through the cracks. This is because of the involvement each portion of your team has with the process. Not only does Design-Build include the project owner in every step of the process, they guide them through the project to create the best possible outcome. This in turn, saves money and time and leaves the project owner feeling accomplished with a great deal of pride in their own home.

With this information you should be ready to tackle the kitchen and bath remodel you have been thinking about. Selecting a Design-Build company should be the clear choice to help you organize and carry out the space of your dreams.  Are you ready to set an appointment up with us today?