The Best Shower Storage Ideas to Help Streamline Your Routine

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Signature Kitchen & Bath Blog | 0 comments

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Add practical yet pretty storage to your shower to contain shampoo, soap, shaving supplies, and more.

It’s a place you spend time in nearly every day (sometimes multiple times per day), yet your shower is usually at the bottom of organizing to-do lists. There’s a slew of information about how to clean your shower, but how do you incorporate storage within it? Whether it’s because we spend less time in the shower than, say, the kitchen, or because no one sees it but your family, shower storage ideas can be hard to come by.

But there is good reason to get your shower in order. First, it can help you relax and alleviate stress as you wash the day away. Plus, with less to move out of the way, it’s easier to clean your shower. Lastly, decluttering your shower makes it easy to identify and remove expired products.

Ready to tackle this put-off bathroom project? Check out the following shower storage ideas to organize your space.

1. Choose a Caddy That Fits Your Needs

Shower caddies aren’t a new concept. However, it’s important to find one that can be customized to fit your products. Use the different tiers to sort hair products from body ones. If you buy in bulk and the bottles are too large to fit, consider decanting them into smaller matching dispensers; this will also give your shower a high-end spa look. Like to use a washcloth or loofah? Find a caddy with built-in hooks.

2. Design a Recessed Wall Shelf or Bench

Consider this bathroom upgrade if you’re getting ready to do a remodel. A recessed wall shelf, especially in a small shower, can maximize square footage. Make sure the depth of the niche can accommodate bottles, so they line up neat and tidy. Or install a bench to hold bulkier items, such as a dry brush or washcloth. Not only do these built-in bathroom storage ideas add function, but they also make a strong design statement.

3. Dedicate Space for Shaving

Shaving comes with its fair share of supplies. From razors to attachments to shaving cream, these small accessories can easily take up an entire caddy tier. Instead, give shaving its own section in the shower. A corner floating shelf designed to blend in with surrounding tile can become a hair removal hub. Include a holder for the razor you use most and only stock the shelf with what you need to get the job done. For those with facial hair, include an anti-fog mirror and a shaving brush.

4. Hang Products Within Reach

Perhaps you don’t have any bathroom renovations on the horizon, but your shower is too small to hold toiletries, or your showerhead isn’t conducive to a caddy. Think outside the box when it comes to shower storage ideas. Keep only the essentials inside the shower on a ledge or a windowsill, then hang a basket just outside to hold extraneous bath products. This works well for items that you use while showering and at the sink.

5. Save a Spot on a Seat

Walk-in shower seats are both practical and create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. They also provide a place to rest if needed or storage space for your daily products. Look for one that’s sturdy, water- and rust-resistant, and has non-slip feet. Outfit a freestanding shower bench with a washcloth, scrub brush, or bath salts for a resort-worthy display.

6. Hide Bath Products in an Unexpected Place

Depending on the layout of your shower, the space below a bench can provide hidden storage. If you’re doing a bathroom renovation, include a sneaky storage drawer to hold your backstock bath products. Extra body wash, bars of soap, and bath salts can be tucked away and out of sight rather than taking up precious space in the linen closet or shower.