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Here’s an informative article on cultured marble by the Kitchen and Bath Center.

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Cultured marble is a man-made material made from crushed stone that are bound together to create a beautiful, natural-looking materialCultured marble is made in molds to create beautiful and unique pieces for your home. 

Where to Use 

While not recommended for kitchen use, cultured marble is ideal for any bathroom or vanity project. This can include showers, tubs, vanity tops, tubs, back splashes, shower panels, and even windowsills. 

The Benefits of Cultured Marble

1. Appearance 

The sought-after patterns and veining found in natural stone can be recreated during the casting process. Additionally, since cultured marble is hand-made, you can also pre-select the colors that you want to have in your design. From our Black Spice to Bermuda Coral, you may have a hard time choosing your favorite.   

2. Stain and Chip Resistant 

The same nonporous elements that make cultured marble low maintenance also make it durable. The solid-surface material resists stains and chips, and a small scratch can generally be repaired by applying a gel compound that fixes the vanity top. 

3. Low Maintenance 

Since cultured marble in nonporous, you do not need to worry about re-sealing every year. Cleaning your cultured marble with a non-abrasive cleaner will keep it fresh and streak-free.   

Polishing your cultured marble vanity top can keep it shiny and looking brand new. We offer a variety of cultured marble polishes and our experts can give you tips on how to maintain your cultured marble for years to come. 

Above is an example of cultured marble we created to look like subway tiles. The great thing about this is that there are no grout lines, making for easy cleaning. It’s also less expensive than tile. And speaking of expenses…

4. Budget-Friendly 

Cultured marble is more cost-effective than granite, marble, or quartz. With that said, cultured marble will still add value to your home in the same way that traditional stone counter tops do. 

Installation costs are also significantly lower than traditional marble because cultured marble is much lighter and is designed to fit perfectly in your space. 

5. Unique 

Since our team carefully makes every piece of cultured marble, each one produced is completely unique. Not only can you customize the colors, style, and size of the piece, but you can proudly show off a one-of-a-kind creation to anyone who comes to your home.