Do You Want a Contractor to Work For You or Work With You?

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At SRB Signature Kitchen and Bath we see ourselves as partners in the bath and kitchen remodeling projects we complete.  This is because we help homeowners who want to work with us, not those who expect us to work for them.  To some reading this the difference may not seem critical.  To us the difference is critical.  The difference helps us attract and serve the right customers for our business, and at the same time has helped us to evolve to the processes we use and stick to today.  Here are just a few ways our Full Remodel Process helps us work with you, and you with us.

  1. Open and honest communication

Our past experiences have shown the difference our customers can come to expect and enjoy if we do our part to establish and develop a level of trust with those we work with.  We do not take this responsibility for granted.  Our entire kitchen and bath remodeling team works hard every day to earn and keep that trust through everything we do.  Our past clients share this as one of the main reasons they happily refer us to others they know. 

It is of course a two-way street. To develop a mutual trust we expect our customers will be honest with us as well.   By developing and respecting that mutual trust we can successfully work together to plan and complete your kitchen or bath remodeling project.  And, because of that mutual trust, together we can explore real project and product options for creating the best solutions possible, all within the budget you have committed to.

  1. Kitchens and baths can be very personal

Most of the customers we work with are not remodeling their kitchens and/or bathrooms because they have to.  Because we offer and specialize in remodeling project design and development our customers often come to us with a desire to change how they use their existing kitchen or bath.   Examples have included creating kitchen and bathroom spaces that are safe and practical for young children, aging parents, or a family member with health issues.  Others seek to change how their kitchen and dining area feels when they and their family get together for a family dinner or the holidays.  Still others share they are seeking that quiet and relaxing bathroom space to escape from the rest of the world, if only for a brief time.

From our years of experience we know what has been important to those we have already worked with.  If you choose to work with us you can expect and assume there will likely be some rather personal discussions as we work together on your project’s design.    But we also know we shouldn’t assume why you want to do your kitchen and bath.  That’s why we encourage and expect you will share with us both your personal goals and concerns about your project, as well as feedback about your project’s design as it evolves.  By being honest and open as we work together we can limit the possible risks that can come with missing or avoiding important conversations and/or critical project details that might limit or compromise the end result, as well as your investment.

Jessica sums it up well

As one of our bath and kitchen design professionals, Jessica Cormier has shared many times, “If I am working for a customer I am protecting my best interests, if I am working with a customer we are both working towards their best interest”.

If you are looking for a professional kitchen and bath remodeler to partner with for your next remodeling project we hope you will consider SRB Signature Kitchen and Bath.  You can check out our design and remodeling process here.   You can also come visit us at our Lunenburg MA Kitchen and Bath showroom.  Although you are welcome to come by our showroom anytime we are open, we do suggest and recommend you schedule a showroom appointment so one of our design professionals can be personally available to answer your questions and discuss the possibility of working together.