9 Kitchen Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2022

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Signature Kitchen & Bath Blog | 0 comments

Sarah Lyon for The Spruce on Kitchen trends for 2022.

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We often can quickly look at a kitchen and associate its design with a particular era—you may remember the yellow fridges of the 1970s or recall when subway tile that began to dominate in the 21st century, for example. But what will be the biggest kitchen trends come 2022? We spoke with interior designers from across the nation who shared the ways in which how we style and use our kitchens will change next year.

1. Colorful Cabinet Colors

Designer Julia Miller predicts that fresh cabinetry colors will be making waves come 2022. “Neutral kitchens will always have a place, but colorful spaces are certainly coming our way,” she says. “We will be seeing colors that are saturated so they can still be paired with natural wood or a neutral color.” However, cabinets won’t just look different in terms of their hues—Miller shares another change to keep an eye out for in the new year. “We are also so excited for bespoke cabinetry profiles,” she says. “A good shaker cabinet is always in style, but we think that we are going to be seeing so many new profiles and furniture style designs.”

2. Pops of Greige

For those who just can’t say goodbye to neutrals, designer Cameron Jones predicts that gray with a hint of brown (or “greige”) will make itself known. “The color feels modern and timeless at the same time, is neutral but not boring, and looks equally fantastic with both gold and silver toned metals for lighting and hardware,” she says.

3. Countertop Cabinets

Designer Erin Zubot has noticed these becoming more popular as of late and couldn’t be more thrilled. “I love this trend, as it not only creates a charming moment in the kitchen but can be a great spot to hide away those countertop appliances or just create a really lovely pantry,” she comments.

4. Double Islands

Why stop at just one island when you can have two? If space allows, the more islands, the merrier, designer Dana Dyson states. “Double islands that allow for dining on one and food prep on the other are proving quite useful in larger kitchens.”

5. Open Shelving

This look will be making a comeback in 2022, Dyson notes. “You will see open shelving used in the kitchen for storage and display,” she comments, adding that it will also be prevalent in coffee stations and wine bars setup within the kitchen.

6. Banquette Seating Connected to the Counter

Designer Lee Harmon Waters says that islands flanked with barstools are falling to the wayside and we can expect to be greeted with another seating setup instead. “I’m seeing a trend toward banquette seating connected to the primary counter space for the ultimate customized, cozy lounge spot,” she says. “The proximity of such a banquette to the counter makes handing food and dishes from counter to tabletop extra convenient!” Plus, Waters adds, this type of seating is just plain comfy, too. “Banquette seating is increasingly popular because it offers people a much closer comfort experience to sitting on their sofa or in a favorite chair,” she comments. After all, “If you have the option between a hard dining chair and a quasi-sofa, most people will choose the upholstered banquette.”

7. Nontraditional Touches

Designer Elizabeth Stamos says that the “un-kitchen” will become prominent in 2022. This means “using things like kitchen tables instead of kitchen islands, antique cupboards instead of traditional cabinetry-making the space feel homier than a classic all cabinetry kitchen,” she explains. “it feels very British!”

8. Light Woods

No matter your decorating style, you can say yes to light wood shades and feel good about your decision. “Lighter tones such a rye and hickory look amazing in both traditional and modern kitchens,” designer Tracy Morris says. “For the traditional kitchen, we are using this wood tone on the island with an inset cabinet. For a modern kitchen, we are using this tone in complete floor-to-ceiling cabinet banks such as the refrigerator wall.”

9. Kitchens as Living Areas

Let’s hear it for a cozy, welcoming kitchen! According to designer Molly Machmer-Wessels, “We have seen kitchens evolve into a true extension of the living areas in the home.” The room is more than just a practical spot. “We are treating it more like a family room than just a place to make food,” Machmer-Wessels adds. “We all know everyone gathers in the kitchen … we have been specifying more dining sofas for eating, table lamps for counters, and living finishes.”