6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Signature Kitchen & Bath Blog | 0 comments

Here’s a good article on ways to simplify your life by Lauren Phillips for Real Simple.

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1. Chill and Serve Outdoor Cheese Board

Enjoy cheese boards and outdoor soirees even if the temperature and pest levels don’t want to cooperate with this smart cheese board. It has a central slate disc that can be chilled to keep cheese and fruit at the right temperature, even if you have a patio heater going, plus a lightweight mesh dome that can be removed for a fresh slice of fruit—and then replaced to keep the bugs away.

2. Frost Box

For the non-bakers among us, baking cakes to decorate can be more frustration than fun. Enter FrostBox: This service ships a bake-free cake decorating kit straight to your door, complete with all the ingredients and cake decorations you need, pre-baked cake rounds, and more. FrostBox offers detailed tutorials for decorating stunning cakes, too, so you can really create a masterpiece, whether to enjoy the finished product for a special occasion or to enjoy the cake decorating process. Halloween boxes are currently available for order, just in time for a late-October decorating spree.

3. Kuhn Rikon Swiss Easy Clean Peeler

Swap this vegetable peeler in for your go-to (and probably a few years old) one for a cleaner peeling experience. This peeler has an ergonomic handle for easier peeling, sure, but its smartest feature is the cleaning brush nested inside the handle that allows you to truly get every last piece of food out of the blade.

4. Philips One By Sonicare

Meet a new, wallet-friendly, battery-operated toothbrush. From the same minds behind the beloved (and effective) Philips Sonicare toothbrush, this sleek (but still affordable) brush has a smart two-minute timer, a pacer to help you hit all four sections of your mouth, and microvibrations for a deeper clean—plus four colorful colors and a compact, travel-friendly case.

5. Grove Collaborative Plastic-Free Cleaning

In line with Grove Collaborative’s commitment to becoming plastic-free by 2025, this new line of cleaning products—all with the same Grove cleaning solutions you know and love—uses glass and aluminum containers in place of plastic. The glass soap bottles and spray bottles are meant to be reused, and the concentrate or soap refills come in reusable, recyclable aluminum bottles, all projected to save an additional 50,000 pounds of plastic in the first year.

6. You Need A Budget

Finally take charge of your finances with You Need a Budget, a beloved personal finance tool that tracks every last penny of your spending and income for you, so you know exactly where you can save a little. You can connect YNAB to your various bank and credit card accounts so it can watch every dollar you spend; it will help you determine where money needs to go, teach you how to save for unexpected expenses and splurges alike, and give you the confidence and agency you need to get your spending and saving balanced. On average, new users save $200 in their first month, and free trials for the first month are available; after that, subscriptions cost $12 per month or $84 for the year.