4 Design Trends That Will Define 2022, According To The Experts At CB2

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Signature Kitchen & Bath Blog | 0 comments

Jessica Bennett for Better Homes & Gardens on 2022 Design Trends.

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The modern furnishings brand shares what’s in the design forecast this year.

How we live in and think about our homes has changed drastically over the past couple of years. Now more than ever, we’re focused on how our abodes make us feel and support our daily lives, and design trends are starting to adapt. A recent report from modern furnishings brand CB2 highlights how these new priorities will shape design trends in the coming year.

“As we were faced with a new set of challenges in 2021, home continued to serve as the place where we could safely land and express ourselves,” said Ryan Turf, president of CB2, in a press release. “Our 2022 Next in Design Report aims to inspire your design journey and help embrace your creative individuality along the way.”

Based on insights from industry experts, product merchants, and more than 1,000 interior designers from CB2’s design trade program, the report details how concepts like nature, nostalgia, and craftsmanship will inspire our design choices this year. Here’s what to watch for in interior design throughout 2022.

1. Luxurious Details

Our homes provide an avenue to express our personal style, and CB2 predicts people will increasingly seek out luxury in their decorating choices. Interior designers included in the survey noted that clients are looking for “creative individuality” and “unique, bespoke-looking” pieces for their homes. “It’s about those big, bold statements that create ‘Where did you get that?’ moments at home,” noted Sara Khodja, CB2 lead product development, in the report. But this trend isn’t limited to those with limitless budgets. Investing in just one or two beautiful, well-made pieces can instantly elevate a room with a more sophisticated feel.

2. Wellness-Focused Design

Design that supports our overall well-being is especially important in a place where we spend so much of our time. For feel-good interiors that help us feel relaxed and content, nature will be a main source of inspiration. Natural materials and organic shades of green will be some of the elements clients request most, according to the interior designers surveyed, with 60% highlighting “bringing the outdoors in” as the design trend they’re most excited about for 2022. Biophilic design is a term you’re likely to hear a lot more often as plant-centric spaces continue to grow in popularity.

3. Quality Craftsmanship

CB2 predicts that more shoppers will turn away from cheaply made “fast furniture” in favor of high-quality pieces that will last for generations. Well-crafted vintage and vintage-inspired furnishings, especially those from the midcentury period, will continue to be highly sought after in 2022. In particular, the report notes an increased interest in Italian and French designers from this era. “If you invest in beautiful, quality things that are built to last, you’ll never have to worry about going out of style,” said Andrea Erman, CB2 lead product development.

4. Sustainable Materials

As sustainability continues to be a focus for both shoppers and retailers, CB2 predicts ethically sourced natural materials will be a top design trend for 2022. In fact, nearly a third of interior designers surveyed say they plan to incorporate more sustainable materials into their 2022 projects. Expect to see more furnishings made with earth-friendly materials like organic cotton and FSC-certified wood, which is harvested according to the highest environmental and social standards. Look for decor made from high-quality materials such as solid wood and marble, so you can buy it once and love it forever.