19 Holiday Cleaning Tips That Make Tidying Up Easy

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Signature Kitchen & Bath Blog | 0 comments

Jessica Bennet  for Better Homes & Gardens offers some practical cleaning tips to prepare for your holiday.

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Eliminate day-of holiday cleaning chaos by dividing your tasks into doable segments. These holiday cleaning tips will help you prioritize chores to achieve a tidier home well before guests arrive, as well as quickly tackle any messes that happen throughout the day.

7-Day Holiday Cleaning Plan

The key to successful holiday cleaning is to start early. Plan to kick off your housekeeping tasks several days in advance. On the following slides, we’ll break down a 7-day holiday cleaning schedule that makes seasonal cleaning so much easier. By accomplishing a few major tasks each day, all that will be left is a bit of last-minute shine when the big day arrives.

7-Day Holiday Cleaning Plan: Day 1

To kick off your holiday cleaning, walk through your home with a visitor’s eye. Make notes of any imperfections you might be used to but guests might notice, such as houseplants with dead leaves. Next, make a plan for turning cleaning for the holidays into a group effort. Gather family members, go over the plan, and assign chores. Remember: many hands make light work.

7-Day Holiday Cleaning Plan: Day 2

On your second day of cleaning for the holidays, focus on specific areas that will be easily viewable by guests but aren’t likely to get dirty again.

  1. Wash windows and vacuum window screens.
  2. Damp-mop baseboards.
  3. Launder and press window and shower curtains.
  4. Launder bedspreads if needed.

7-Day Holiday Cleaning Plan: Day 3

Next, tidy up any bathrooms and bedrooms visitors are likely to see or use. This is especially important if your guests will be staying the night.

  1. Deep-clean bathrooms and medicine cabinets (yes, people will look).
  2. Straighten bedrooms; remove clutter and donate or store out of sight.

7-Day Holiday Cleaning Plan: Day 4

As it gets closer to the holidays, make sure your entryway is ready to receive guests.

  1. Straighten coat closet, making room for guests’ coats. Add extra hangers if needed.
  2. Wash or spot-clean area rugs.

7-Day Holiday Cleaning Plan: Day 5

Two days before the event, it’s time to deep-clean the kitchen in preparation for holiday cooking.

  1. Clean range or stovetop, surfaces, and grates.
  2. Clean out the refrigerator, making room for party foods. Dust the top of the refrigerator.
  3. Wipe down all large and small appliances.
  4. Wipe down kitchen cabinets.
  5. Take recycling to recycling bins or facilities.

7-Day Holiday Cleaning Plan: Day 6

Wait until the day before guests arrive to tackle tasks like dusting and sweeping. Your home’s surfaces are likely to get dirty again before the event if you do this too early.

  1. Sweep the entryway and decorate with seasonal touches.
  2. Dust all surfaces, including bookshelves, photo frames, and art. Don’t forget the ceiling fans.
  3. Clean the kitchen sink and dish drainer.

7-Day Holiday Cleaning Plan: Day 7

It’s almost time to celebrate! Finish up your holiday cleaning with this checklist of day-of touch-ups.

  1. Clean trash receptacles and add fresh liners.
  2. Wipe down any dirty areas in the bathroom using household cleaner and paper towels.
  3. Wipe down bathroom mirrors and counters. Wipe down floors with a damp towel.
  4. Put toilet bowl cleaner in the toilets and brush.
  5. Hang fresh towels and put out fresh hand soap.
  6. Damp-mop the kitchen floor.
  7. Vacuum carpets and dry-mop wood floors.
  8. Fluff sofa cushions and pillows.
  9. Decorate with special touches, such as flowers or candles.