12 Summer Decor Trends To Bring The Sun Inside

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Signature Kitchen & Bath Blog | 0 comments

Here’s a good article on Summer decor trends by Ashley Knierim for The Spruce.

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Sunny Weather Brings Hot Decor Trends

Summer is the perfect time to give your home a facelift. From bold colors to splashy prints, a few easy decor updates can make your home feel like the tropical beach or calming lake cottage you pine for. Plus, summer is the season for entertaining, and these trendy summer decor ideas are perfect for impressing Aunt Mildred or your BFF at your next annual Fourth of July bash.

Floral Prints

Florals are so hot right now. If you’ve been considering incorporating this trendy look into your home, summer is the perfect time to make the leap. From wallpaper to shower curtains to the throw pillows seen in this colorful room, it’s easy to add a pop of nature to any room in your house. Bonus: You won’t have to worry about keeping these flowers alive.


This year is all about copper. This metal finish can work in both vintage and industrial spaces and instantly adds a touch of glam. This bedroom from Forrest Glover Design incorporates a copper industrial pendant lamp and a chic side table to give the room effortless “oomph.” Candleholders, coffee tables and kitchen accessories are all easy ways to get this trendy look right now.

Hygge for Summer

Hygge is all about effortlessly cozy Scandinavian design. Sleek lines and clutter-free rooms make this look a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Use this season as an excuse to declutter, and channel Marie Kondo by copying this simplistic Hygge-style bathroom from Foam and Bubbles. IKEA is a great affordable way to get the Scandinavian look for less.

Green Goddess

Ever since Pantone named Greenery the color of 2017, we’ve been gaga for green. The color green evokes freshness, renewal, and can easily make your home feel brand new. Paint a wall or restore an old vanity like this blogger did, and you’ll feel like you’re rolling in summery hills all season long.

Animal Print

A little zebra print goes a long way. Channel an African safari and add a few animal print details throughout your home this summer. Some people shy away from this wild design, but as long as you keep it simple with a detailed rug or a fancy throw, you can incorporate it in a myriad of decor styles.

Climbing Plants

According to Pinterest trend data, climbing plants are huge this year. You’re probably innately familiar with this look outside on pergolas, but a winding, twisty plant can look super chic indoors as well. This living room from Decoholic creatively uses a winding plant as art behind the couch. It can be hard to train plants to grow the right way, but a plant like an ivy tree can create a super cool jungle-feel in any room.

Terracotta and Ceramics

This year is all about rustic chic, and terracotta is a great way to incorporate this trend into your house. This gorgeous kitchen has terracotta flooring, but for a less permanent solution don’t be scared to bring terracotta planters indoors. They’ll give a fresh, garden-y feeling to your living room or kitchen.

Mixed Prints

The mixed print trend has been around for a few years now, but it’s time to really embrace it. The fun pops of reds and oranges in this living room really liven the space up and the asymmetrical prints don’t look off balance. Try to keep the color scheme similar (or throw in a black and white patterned piece like this rug) to keep the mixed prints purposeful and chic.


This is another trend that has been around for a while but isn’t going anywhere. The sun may be blistering outside, but you can enjoy a desert-inspired look inside in the comfort of your air conditioning. These poofs are a perfect way to add a bit of souk-inspired glam (and additional seating space!) to your living room. We also love Moroccan lanterns; hang them on your porch or sunroom for instant exotic flair.


They may seem too whimsical at first glance, but trust us–butterflies are in. From wallpaper to rugs, butterfly pattern is trendy and super cute. This amazing butterfly print is a tame way to get the look without going overboard. Hang these over your couch, your bed or even in a large master bathroom to add a bit of nature to your space.

Outdoor Lights

Admit it–you’ve been to a bar, a restaurant or even a wedding that had string lights everywhere. These country fair-inspired globe lights are super cozy and very on trend. Hang them on a deck like this blogger did or try an indoor version in a kids’ room or a cozy reading nook.

Textures for Summer

Textures are very popular this year, and while velvet or suede is a great choice for the cooler months, burlap or linen are summer-friendly ways to hop on this trend now. This headboard can be easily DIY’d and works well in a guest room to give it a beachy cottage feel.