10 Ways To Decorate Your Office Space For Spring

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Signature Kitchen & Bath Blog | 0 comments

Here’s a good article on decorating your office for Spring by Maria Conti for HGTV.

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Interior designers share tips and tricks to refresh your work space as the weather gets warmer.

Bring On Bright Colors

Interior designer Abbe Fenimore shares that bright colors are key to creating a fresh and inspiring work space for spring. Abbe says, “I love updating my office supplies like file folders, ink pens and paper clips in bold colors. They make organizing fun and look super cute laying around in piles as you work thought the day.”

Spring Cleaning

When it comes to achieving a chic spring office, interior designer Stefani Stein believes less is more. “Spring is the perfect time to eliminate items that feel stale or lack cohesion. This is especially true in an office, where many people spend a significant portion of each day,” she explains, adding that any simple edit can breathe new life into a space.

Replacing a vase, lamp or pillow that isn’t working is another an easy way to convey a fresh perspective.

Soak up the Sun

Sunlight streams into this airy, white office space through a wall of welcoming bay windows. Designer Marian Briscoe, of Urbanology Designs, encourages you to follow suit. “With Springtime blooming, it’s time to open your curtains and let the light flood into your work space,” she says. “This fresh shot of vitamin D will uplift your mood and give you an extra bit of joy for your day. If you don’t have a great window, bring the outside in with pops of green or a simple vase filled with your favorite cut flowers.”

Flower Power

One foolproof way to perk up your desk for spring? Abbe Fenimore advises to treat yourself to some pretty, fresh-cut posies. She insists, “Who doesn’t love a colorful bunch of flowers? Swing by your local grocery store on the way to work and pick up a bouquet of colorful blooms to brighten up your desk for the week.”

Benefit from Botanicals

Interior designer Lindsay Pennington employs natural elements to refresh work spaces and revitalize spirits each spring. Lindsay explains, “It’s always beneficial to bring in fresh flowers or live plants into your office, as these are not only physical reminders of the outdoors, they also work wonders for psychological health by injecting something living into rooms that can otherwise feel lifeless and dull.”

Saturate the Space

Pump up the pigment, peeps. Designer Marie Flanigan dubs spring as the season for dynamic bursts of color. She shares, “I’m currently feeling drawn to layers of mint blue, nude-based blush and subtle shades of pink. Woven throughout your office in the form of pillows, blankets or smaller accessory items, it’s an airy palette that’s sure to please.”

Dial-in on Details

Design is in the details, friends. Interior designer Abbe Fenimore shares her approach to designing a stylish spring office begins with fresh accessories. Abbe says, “Accessorize! Even though a workspace needs function and organization, colorful accessories will make the day fly by and keep your mood on the positive side. Surrounding yourself with objects that make you happy. They will increase productivity and help you fight frustration when issues pop up during the day.”

Ditch Dark Hues

This sun-drenched home office design by Lindsay Pennington appears airy, inspiring and perfect for spring. To achieve a similar look at home, Pennington suggests pruning your wintery work space accessories.

“Swapping out darker, moodier accessories for new ones in lighter colors and shapes is a simple, cost-effective way to refresh. You can use existing frames and replace artwork—IKEA has terrific seasonal options for this—and add cheerful desk accessories in white, light blue, light green and similar spring colors.

Make the Outdoors Your Muse

Fresh and functional, this bright home office by Amy Elbaum is our ultimate muse for spring. Her tip? Style your space with spirited shades and natural textures. “Spring is always a good time to add fresh flowers and greenery to an office. Whether it’s a vase of flowers or a fiddle leaf fig tree in the corner, bringing the outside in always makes a space feel more like spring,” she says.

You can also try adding in some colors in your accessories—bright green or pastels like a soft pink or yellow always brighten up the space.

Lighten Your Work Load

Interior designer Marie Flanigan suggests lightening your load to create a refreshed office design. “Spring is the perfect time for a texture trade,” she explains. “Swap heavier rugs and textiles for lighter ones, and pull in light, bright accessories to help soften everything up.”